We are the jester group Pest & Cholera!

We are spreading... laughter... and happiness everywhere we go!

Our show is the sickest show you have ever seen, and that is gravely serious! With acrobatics, fireeating and juggling the crowd won't be left without deadly stunts. And just by showing up we bring sillyness and stupidity to the mix as well, for a show that is suitable for both young and old.

Add to that our Amazing Fruit Slingshot of Doooom (... or death), and you will quickly understand why our show is one of a kind.  

We are also experienced jesters at theatrical jousts, and will bring our own flavor of entertainment to the mix, for an experience the crowd won't forget!




You'll love our work. Check it out!



Market show

The Jester Troupe Pest & Cholera performs spectacularly hard tricks, mixed with pure madness.

The show contains everything from silly party tricks, that one can use at the next company party, to dangerous fakir maneuvers, better left to the professionals.

The performance is about 25-45 minutes, however it should be noted that street shows are a living art form and can vary greatly in execution from occasion to occasion. Even though we have a red thread to follow in our shows, we still use a lot of improvisation, which can lead to either us lying on the ground laughing along with the audience, or just as well as a well-planned and executed, skill and humor show.

Fire Show
One should do what one is best at, and fire shows are one of our absolute specialities. We have long and short fire shows. Big and small. And in addition, we customize for each individual event.

The Night of the Jesters is one of our biggest fire shows that suits larger arenas, big stages or lawns.
Read more about this HERE!
Theatrical Jousting are one of the coolest things we know and over the years we have encountered most of the Swedish ones!

Do you want to pick up the pace on your tournament and elevate it to completely new levels, then it's us you want on the field!

Whether it's about creating new ideas and spectacles, remodel the events of the tournament, make up new events or setting the whole thing aflame, you can count on us knowing what we're doing!

But above all, we are fantastic at getting the audience warmed up and raise the tempo in the tournamet remarkably!

All jousts should have Pest & Cholera on the tournament field!

Or as the jousting team Torneamentum said: "You're simply the best!"

Våra äventyr!

Här kan du läsa om våra resor och den sjukt bra humorn som följer!


These are the jesters!

With great looks and impeccable moral fibre and… well… you know.. they are what they are…


Juggler, Magician, Beard Expert


    Juggler, Acrobat, Strong


      Acrobat, Fakir, Tattooed

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